The meeting is sponsored by the CNRS GDRE 513, the Institut Fédératif de Recherche IFR 147,
and the Fédération de Physique et Interfaces de l'Université de Lille 1


IRI chromatin days :  Chromatin Remodeling

7./8. October 2010

Interdisciplinary Research Institute USR 3078 CNRS


Chromatin is the substrate of all gene regulatory processes in eukaryotic cells. In order to enable the transcription machinery to access genes, chromatin structure must respond dynamically. A specific set of proteins, chromatin remodeling complexes, are dedicated to this task. The understanding of chromatin remodeling poses a challenge to molecular biology and biophysics, to experiment and theory. This workshop brings together a select group of specialists in the field for a focused exchange on the current developments in this field of research.